Kirchberger & Wiegner Rohde
Partnerschaft von Architekten mbB

Stephanstr. 54a 
10559 Berlin

+49 30 403687200

Founded in early 2018 in Berlin, Kirchberger & Wiegner Rohde is a practice for architecture, interior, design and urban planning.
Based on thorough analysis we create custom solutions for varying tasks in diverse contexts and multiple scales. Driven by a love for space, proportion, form, precision, material, light, people and their habits we strive to produce both timeless and contemporary designs.

+ Steffen Kirchberger
+ Ariane Wiegner
+ Felix Rohde

Team since 2018
Mara Kanthak, Benjamin Meurer, Atsuki Okamoto, Lisa Woebcken, Jan-Niklas Schmeing, Stefan Schaaf, Saori Toyoshima, Leonard Palm, Breno Paternostro, Svenja Roßmöller, Marco Cucuiu, Rebekka Bode, Wolfgang Philipp

Aya Schamoni

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